17 October 2005

Up Down Up Down

Had a weekend of intermittent sneaking play. Watched $300 leave two-tabling, getting caught with nothing but AK a couple of times, raising with 99 and seeing AQ flops, etc. Got very frustrated yesterday after a poor pot-odds play and breaking one of my new rules. $5/10 limit, I raised with ATo and called three-bet with one other caller (I was UTG in early position). Flop was KQ9, I bet and am then raised and re-raised. Now, I think this is right (pre-flop, pot is $50, I bet $5, now raises of $10 and 15). I put both of these guys on made hands, potentiall KK, QQ, AA, or 99. Pot is now $80, and it is $10 for me to call. I lay down, guy calls, turn is J. One guy has KQ, other has 99, and the set wins when I could have taken down the monster. I think pot odds are for me to make that call, but I was also afraid I was in the middle of a raising war. Regardless, it was frustrating. Then, I got up to double my buy-in, which is a new rule for me to get out. I subsequently get down to +$10 and quit. Got up this morning to double my buy-in and banked. Had a couple of nice bet hands (TT raised pot, flop comes J74 and I get raised, turn is A and I bet/take the pot). Also called bb with JT, flop was T85, I bet and call raise, T on turn I check raise and take pot. AA I four bet, flop is T98, and I bet/call his raise, 7 on turn leads me to check/call to river. You could argue that I still should have pumped the turn and river with raises, but you never know on Party what people are going to be betting (I've seen 66 in that spot, JJ, JQs, etc.). Major learning is to stick to my rules. Also, when I dropped the $300, I pulled back from two-tabling and stuck with one. I got tempted to move up when I had doubled up yesterday (to $10/20). Not sure about that, but I'll keep you posted.


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