28 September 2005

Is a Quickie a Good Idea?

Is it healthy to play for 20-40 minutes online? Did that this morning, ended up after five rounds up $80 with the following winning/losing hands:
  • Up: 7c4c (flush), KhTh (straight), Ad8d trip 8's)
  • Down: AK (three consecutive hands, won blinds once, lost twice), AQ, KK (A on flop)
For the Closet Poker Player, it is important to balance the quick strike when you can sneak in play vs. the prolonged session. This may be similar to the PokerEdge-table-jumping-junkies, who play a few hands at a table then get out.

Another fundamental issue is when do you leave if you are in the Quickie mode. This morning, I got down $100 after the KK/three big-slik string (all in a span of a dozen hands) playing $5/10. Decided to shut my door and plan another fifteen minutes, which allowed me to luckily get up (on the KT hand, I raised late with one caller, flop was AJx and caught the Q on the river; caller raised my river bet, which I three-bet/no flushes on the board).

Another major area that I need to explore is table image. I haven't paid too much attention to it, but I can definitely see on Party folks calling me down with nothing after seeing a bluff and vice versa. I've never really focused on that much, so it's a part of the game I need to work on.

US Poker Championships event yesterday: first place to Howard Herman from NYC, $45,151--could have been yours truly...


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