26 September 2005

Bad Beat vs. Unlucky

I'm not sure what the different categories of bad beats are, but let me tell you about what I would call two very unlucky hands (maybe they're bad beats as well). First, I have AA up against JJ, three undercards come on the (T85), 9 on turn, 7 on river to give JJ the straight. The second hand I raise with AsKs, flop comes QsTs8s, I bet, guy raises, I call, 3d on turn, I check, guy raises, I re-reaise, he calls. Tc on river I bet, he raises, I call and go down to 88. Major pots and brutal ways to go down. So, what are the different types of bad beats? I'll be quick and come back to this:
  • Chasing and catching (the gutshot being the worst of this type)
  • Staying in with nothing and losing to runner-runner (probably the worst bad beat possible)
  • You're behind, catch and get ahead on the flop, then lose later (e.g., flopping two-pair only to lose to a set on the river)
  • Counterfeit: your two pair loses when the board pairs
  • Two made hands, yours being better than the opponent, then watching him suck out on the river
  • Aces cracked to a numbskull caller (flopping two pair playing K5 suited)
There may be more, but I'll let others put that in. For the hands at the top, they are actually much more comforting as the play seemed solid by myself and the other person both sides, only to lose to a major suckout.


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