22 September 2005

Back to Party

Made the plunge back into PartyPoker yesterday. Bought in for $400, played some $100 NL and treaded water, then played in a limit tourney. Placed 59/170 with cashes at 20. Played well, stumbled a bit, then got unlucky when I was short stacked. Proceeded to play some more no-limit, lost $50 on 99 vs. JJ.

I know the +EV and everything, but it still remains frustrating to have someone three-bet you on the flop when you have top pair or an overpair then see them go runner-runner for a straight or flush. I think the straight is more painful. You want those folks in with you for sure, but losing three in an hour is tough. Also, I had forgotten about the need to keep the discipline while not winning pots. Went 50 hands without a pot. Lost twice with AK during that time. I was able to stay consistently in the 18-23% hands played range, so I feel fine with all of that. I feel like I need to get cash positive to be able to play tourneys, so I've got to have a solid day. Not sure if NL or limit is the way to get there, so I'll keep you posted.


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