18 August 2005

Upcoming Charity Tourney

I just signed up for a charity tourney for the Special Olympics. Josh may be there (autographed photos are in the marketing). $3,000 for first if there are 100 entries. It was in the AJC today, so there might be that many. We'll have to see. It's this Saturday at noon on Holcomb Bridge, so pretty convenient.

I showed one of my friends my poker table/room. It's been frustrating not being able to get a home game started, but we're all parents in our 40's so our time is not our own (plus I'm not too connected regularly with the neighbors). I hope he can help get something organized as I'd really like that to be part of my life, the home game. I've got all of the materials, just need to find guys willing to fork over cash. I think that's really the challenge, how to find the right people that will play the right stakes.

I've just been playing my Wilson Turbo simulator software. My brother recommends another program, but I've been pleased with this. I just need more live action. I've been able to use different blind structures/starting chips/number of tables to practice different types of tourneys. I'll be boning up for the Saturday tourney after I find out what the structure is.

I'll probably be playing at either the Borgata or Taj in Atlantic City next Monday and Tuesday. I thought I could also squeeze in Foxwoods, but I don't think that is too practical due to my schedule. We'll see. I'll make sure and keep notes for my first trip report.


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