20 July 2005

Top Hazards for Closet Poker Players

A closet poker player is an individual who secretly plays cash poker, primarily online. He/she is in the closet primarily due to a loved one or parent disapproving of poker on the grounds of overall negativity toward gambling, financial concerns, concerns over addictive behavior, or lack of quality time for other important live concerns, including family. Top hazards closet poker players should be on the lookout for:
  • Playing poker in short bursts. This can include the following hazardous actions:
    • Playing poker secretly at work
    • Playing poker after work but before going home
    • Playing poker at lunch
    • Sneaking in less than 60 minutes of play at a time
  • Playing all night. Individuals may sneak to play from bed or never go to bed, playing through the night. There is risk of not playing your best due to fatigue.
  • Hiding bankroll movement. This is probably the most dangerous hazard for the closet poker player. Bankroll funding can escalate beyond control, similar to any gambling or other vice. Hiding funding may cause significant distrust with loved ones amid concern that you have a serious problem.
The effect of these and other hazards can be boiled down to three results:
  1. Not playing your best; primarily, making poor decisions
  2. Impatience tied to #1
  3. Inability to grow your bankroll
  4. Inability to improve
  5. Looking for quick fixes to win
The main question for the closet poker player is whether to stay in the closet or to come out. For those living near a brick and mortar casino, this adds another dynamic to the decision.
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