19 July 2005

How to Play Big Slick

$10/20 on partypoker: poor player sb, Hero is UTG+1 raises with AsKd, button-1 calls, sb calls. Flop comes AhAd8d. sb checks, hero bets, b-1 calls, sb calls. Turn Ks. sb checks, hero bets, b-1 raises, sb calls, hero calls. River 7h. sb checks, hero checks, b-1 bets, sb calls, hero raises, b-1 re-raises, sb folds, hero re-raises, b-1 calls with AcJc. $397 pot/net $247.


Blogger Scott Cunningham said...

Impossible. I think you made this up to generate traffic to your site.

9:13 AM  
Blogger cc said...

Skeptics---this is called maximizing value. The only thing better would have been KK by sb...These don't come around very often, and getting cute could cause lower EV in the long run, but I thought I could reel in the b-1 with the hesitant call of re-raise on turn.

9:24 AM  

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