22 July 2005

Dropping the Last $500

Dealt: 85 hands, played 18% of hands, won 4% (that's 4 hands for those keeping score). Last hand was typical, I raised with $133 UTG with AT, guy to my left reraised, I call with sb. Flop comes JTx with two diamonds, I check call with the sb, turn comes xd, I check call, turn comes Tx, I check raise, guy re-raises my last $13 (KdQd). Played a couple of hands poorly after the flop, caught two hands but never got paid off (AK, caught K on turn, straight on river; JJ flop was JTx, two fold on turn). A few major mistakes:
  • Playing when I'm not 100%. This was another rough week, and today was a stressful end to the day. Sat down finally at 8:15 or so and should not have played.
  • Played at too high a level when my bankroll was down. Bankroll was down to $513, I couldn't find a $5/10 or $10/20, so I played $15/30 (normal cash game and frequent online). Without adequate bankroll protection, this is no good to do as you can't handle the fluctuations.
I now am confronted with what to do next. To start the bankroll over means withdrawl from account, which is not good to do. My plan today is to cut bait for the next week, wait until August bonus comes around, then jump back in. This is a good illustration of the challenges for the closet poker player. I have yet to really crack the code, making strong runs only to stumble backwards either from bad runs, bad closet poker behavior, crazy partypoker freaks, or all of the above.
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