03 September 2005


I'm resigned to playing PokerStars play money (I'm way up--isn't that odd?)...

To build on Pauly's comments: I grew up in Mississippi, went to school at Tulane, have a sister and her family who live in New Orleans. First, the positive recollections: Audobon Tavern II (AT2's), Perlis, Camellia Grill, Fat Harry's, Maple Street Bookstore, The Mushroom, Loyola. New Orleans is a very unique place in America, and we're witnessing some of those uniquenesses. Large poor population, crumbling infrastructure, polarized city racially. I've never played poker there, but I'm committing to play there once it's back on its feet. Best source for information is probably WWLTV's site. We won't know what the task is for the greater New Orleans area (including suburbs) until October. My sister and her family escaped Saturday but didn't take too much stuff. Speaking to many people who got out, they've been surprised by the numbers who say they won't go back.

Nothing much on the poker horizon. I'll wait for September's bonuses. Boys' soccer schedules came out, so Bellagio will proably be the week before Thanksgiving.


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