20 August 2005

Very Special Tourney

Horrible traffic with construction. Tourney started at noon, I went two miles in thirty minutes, barely getting there at 11:50. Hardly anyone was there (it was held at Velocity Sports, a training facility for athletes). Finally started at 12:40. 38 players, four tables. Prizes were: 1st $500, 2nd trip to Vegas or Bahamas (probably worth more than first), can't remember third, fourth was two green fees plus dinner for two at Prime. $10,000 in chips, blinds $100/200.

Hand 1: I'm in small blind, three limpers come to me when I look down at AdKd. I raise $800 to make it $1,000 to go. UTG calls (chatty guy in his fifties, just happy to be there). Flop is A63 rainbow. I bet $2,500 into the pot of $3,000, and he calls. Turn is Q and I push all-in. He sits for a minute, then says, "Well, I guess I can re-buy and it is for charity, so I call." He flips over A7. Someone says, "You need a seven," then 7s gets flipped on the river. I get my iPod and say good-bye.

Now, I don't consider that a bad beat story, more of a pure donkey play by a beginner. I don't think you can get too upset by that play. I mean, I would fly that guy anywhere in the world to play at a poker table with him.

On a related topic, I still don't understand why these local bar and charity tourneys let people raise the big blind vs. the previous bet/raise. I've heard people say the theory is to keep people around more (just as the no side pot until the final table). Still, very weird.

My brother-in-law won a tourney at his house yesterday, seven handed. Congrats to the poker marshman.


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