26 September 2005

To Poke or Not To Poke

I have a business trip scheduled for Tuesday early, returning Thursday late to Princeton, NJ. I've been trying to schedule other meetings around my meeting on Thursday with no success, so here is the quandary: do I reschedule my flight ($270 cost) or do I fly up early as scheduled and go to the US Poker Championships in Atlantic City. The two tourneys I would be able to play in would be $500 NLHE tomorrow (starts at 11:00AM, so it would be cutting it close to make it there) and/or $300 NLHE Wednesday. Adding unspoken, outright deceit to my wife seems to be beyond the don't ask/don't tell poker-on-the-side; so what we're really talking about is degrees of sin. EV analysis:
  • Going
    • Incremental expenses: $380 (Lodging in Atlantic City: $200, car: $120, meals: $60
    • Entry fees: $800 (from my bankroll)
  • Changing flight to Thursday
    • Incremental expense: $270 (air change fee)
So, what to do now? I would assume playing in the $500 tourney tomorrow would not be wise. I may not even be able to get off the plane, get the rental car, then get to the Taj, then get registered. Plus, would I be 100%? So, I think rescheduling is the wise move; the question then, should I try to make the Wednesday tourney. I like the entry fee of $300. Mostly locals playing, although there have been a couple of names (saw TJ Cloutier cash in one of the tourneys). I'll let you know next steps.


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