26 September 2005


OK, I rescheduled my flight and won't go to the Taj.

A better description of the bad beat vs. unlucky examples from Party:

  • AJo (me) in late position, with BB three-betting; AXX on flop, I call down to his AQ
  • A9o (me) I raise with two callers, they stay with me with AXXX8 (A2 and A8 were the callers)
  • AdKd (me) raised on button, blinds call; AJx sb calls, x on turn calls again, T on river (JTo)
Overall, I treaded water, although I was up and down. Of the one above, you could argue that I played the AJo poorly, which I could give you. The second was a bad beat, the third was an enfuriating suckout. Very soft table where I was able to take blinds much of the time, playing 25% of pots.


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