14 October 2005

Oh, the Joys of Party

Oh, the sweet memories of the twists and turns of PartyPoker, of the wonderful folks you'll meet, of the donkey-fied play.
  • Let's see, what about the same guy catching runner-runner to beat me three times in an hour? And that he had nothing with no draw until the turn each time?
  • How about berating and ridiculing me when I catch my gutshot turned double-gutshot? I call with AJo, flop is KT8, guy bets, I raise with one caller and guy three-bets we call; 9 on turn and I check/call with the other caller, Q on river and I check/raise the flopped set of kings. Subsequent vitriole (is that a word?) about pot odds, they need to catch once in awhile to keep coming back--rhetoric from three-four players.
  • First four hands of a session: pocket pairs (56,000+:1), throw in two top-pair with A kicker flops, plus another QQ and two more pocket pairs in the first three cycles. Played 61% of the hands, down $100, then clawed back and ended up down $50.
I can definitely now appreciate the multi-tabling aspect of online poker after my two-table experiments. There is a normalizing of results simply due to the fact that you are playing more than one table (both + and -). It seems easier to hang in and come back on multiple tables. It is also easier to play tighter as you're seeing more hands. It should have no impact, but psychologically it does. There are some more unwritten rules and guidelines as well. For example, the multi-table player seems to always have an above average stack at the table. Psychologically, I assume it is easier to buy pots if you have more chips than less. You also play less desparate vs. short-stack.

Flat after yesterday, so I need to go back to my rules, especially the rule about booking wins.


Blogger Scott Cunningham said...

As you frame it, yes those sound like the right odds. But, it's not the correct way to think about it. Each deal of the cards is an independent event, so the fact that you had pocket pair previously has no bearing on whether you'll get it in the next hand. Pocket aces are always 220:1 against, no matter if you had them ten times in a row, just like it's always 50/50 the coin will turn up heads, even if it's turned up heads a hundred times in a row.

9:34 AM  

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