12 October 2005


Random thoughts:
  • Sound of a Suckout: Good new blog (new to me) with observations of live vs. Party for a live newbie (with my comments added--see comments of his post)
  • WSOP Main Event: I was looking forward to last night's premiere. I was hoping we could see the Jennifer Harman hand, and what a brutal hand for her: in a 4x raised pot in first cycle, she flops QQ while villain flops straight with his 9d8d (QxJdTx--she has Qd), Td on the turn gives her the boat which she check-raises, then the case 7d comes on the river, and she bets him all-in to lose to the straight flush. It would have been interesting to see if the 7d came on the turn could she have laid the hand down. He gave his hand away with his speech on the turn, but there was nothing she could do. Also, Raymer really made a spectacular run of cards and flops that he built on throughout the tourney.
  • Played Party with two tables yesterday for the first time in a while. Finally was up $100. I think I can do it but can't multi-task (meaning work) and do it at the same time. I'm not playing while working but I do play some before and after work at work (or at lunch).
  • I'm at a crossroad online: can I move forward or will I regress. Bankroll is at $1,000, which is +$600 for my last buy-in but -$100 for the last couple of months. This is where I've fallen apart before. My goal is to double this in October, put the $1,100 back into the bank, then operate with $1,000 online bankroll. We'll see, and I'll keep you posted.


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