11 October 2005

Back to Party

Bought back in at Party for $400 and have built it back up to $1,200. A few key strategies:
  • Playing within Bankroll--I've stayed diligent at $5/10 limit, buying in at roughly $200
  • Leave When You're Up--This is a pretty significant change for me but has been a positive one. If I am up, I get off the table. The only time I've altered this is if I've found a particularly soft table (happened once; characteristics included several players laying down after check-raises and soft flops).
  • Don't Stay Long--A major change is to switch tables more frequently. Normally, I just stay at a table forever, never leaving. I'm now switching probably one-three times/hour. Reasons for switching tables:
    • Doubling up my buy-in
    • Slow, tight table
    • Number of players starts to decline (I've stayed committed to full, ten-person tables rather than six-person, which I've never really played)
For online play, this has been my main Achilles heel: how do I stay stable and move toward ongoing success. Increasing stakes led to my demise last time I got here, jumping up to $15/30 (my normal cash game play). I'm looking to develop a more solid gameplan of how I'll pursue being a Closet Poker Player; i.e., how many hours a week do I play/when specifically.

WSOP Main Event starts tonight. It will be interesting to see what happens to poker after this year's main event. WPT Enterprises stock continues to plummet, and tourneys continue to increase in number (see the last couple of weeks with US Poker Championships, Bellagio tourney, Borgata, Vegas WPT all vying for players).


Blogger Scott Cunningham said...

Interesting analysis CPP. Those do sound like prudential solutions. I will remember them (seriously).

11:42 AM  
Blogger cc said...

As I'm not hard core online, it's interesting to observe the hard core players. I abandoned Poker Edge several months ago, but I'm trying to keep more player notes on Party (although I think I only put notes on players who give me bad beats). I'm able to also put notes on multi-table players (fairly easy to detect as they take their time to act). Party must have some way not to have your name searchable, as sunjun can't be searched when I am playing with him (although I've found him at multiple tables). I've never had any success playing two tables as I tend to freak out and act poorly, so I have to observe what they tend to do.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Wes said...

Perhaps the reason why you seem to go bust with your role is that you dabble into games you cannot afford. I thought that a bankroll had to have at least 300 big bets for it to seem playable (400 if you never want to go broke). Your $1200 should be relegated to dominating 2/4, not being sucked out on 5/10.

1:31 AM  

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