06 October 2005

Party, Bar Tourney

Quick review of Party play: ran $300 up to $1,200, now back to $180. Main causes on both sides:
  • On the upside, disciplined play focused on $5/10, booking wins when doubling my buy-in. Able to fight back from any tough losses through adequate bankroll
  • On the downside: moving back up to $15/30 and getting several horrible beats (QT beaten by Q9, AK beaten by A9, both on the river).
The very bad thing again on the downside is getting away from my rule of playing well within online bankroll. With Closet Poker Player behaviors (short play time, sneaking around to play), too much risk playing higher limits. Even though I regularly play $15/30 at Bellagio when I'm there, doing so online is poor when I'm unable to put any devoted time to it. The only upside is that I didn't lose the entire bankroll this time, although there's still plenty of time for that...

Played the bar tourney last night at the Derby, in my wife's bottom five places to eat (included in that list: Krystal's, Sonic, S & S Cafeteria--not sure the fifth). One major suckout on my part--bad play as well: I raise with TT, call, button goes all-in, I call and other guy calls. He flips KK (lady on my left, "I folded KT), so I'm dead to the case Ten, which I spike on the flop of ATx (can't remember what the other guy had, maybe an ace). No improvement, and I triple up. I play solid throughout, make some good calls, get away from some marginal hands at the right time. Down to the final table, I announce, "Let's stop chopping at the final table (chopping is when there are no bets to the sb; the sb and bb then can take there blinds back). A few things about chopping: there really should never be chops in tourneys (but these bar tourneys are a world unto their own--another pet peeve of mine is people dragging pots showing only one card). Second, I'm a big believer in consistency with chopping: you either chop or you don't (rather than looking at your cards then chopping). So anyways, hottie on my left says, "No, we chop until down to three (the money). So I shrug and go on. Well, it gets down to four players, and we're playing literally every three-five hands because of all the chops. So I look down in sb at AKo and I say, "I raise) and raise it up 3x bb. Hottie looks startled, mad, then calls. Flop comes rags, I bet 4x bb and she calls. We check it down, and she flips over KTo for nothing. She was ticked the rest of the time, maybe at me, but I can justify not chopping after that (I didn't chop anymore afterwards). Maybe bad etiquette, but there you go.

I make good calls when I'm ahead (knock out big slick with 33), then get heads up roughly even with relatively aggressive player (not a wild man, but more aggressive). I'm on button and raise 3x with A8o, he re-raises 10x (blinds are $1000/2000). I sit for a minute or two, put him on a steal and move all-in. He calls immediately and flips over QsTs. Nothing comes except for an 8 on the flop for me, and I take home the $50 gift certificates for Derby bucks (not exactly a place for a nice dinner out with my wife, but we'll figure something out). Played overly tight (with everyone else doing the same) at the final table. All in all, fairly solid

Contacted by my Vegas friend regarding backing him in upcoming Bellagio tourney. IM'd briefly with my brother-in-law, and I think I agree that I'd rather play than to front him the money, so I'm going to take a pass. We'll see when I can get out to do it, however.


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