25 October 2005

Short Handed Experiment

Played 6-person table, $3/6 limit, for the first significant time. 56 hands, +$173 in 36 minutes. I didn't loosen up too significantly but was able to catch trips a couple of times with poor hands in blinds, as well as keep people calling me down with AK flopping an ace. I know a bunch of bloggers swear by 6-person tables, but I've never really tried it much. I need to get some info on this as it needs to be part of the repertoire since there are often double the 6-handed tables available. Online bankroll back up to $2226.

So, the other really depressing thing is that I can't get a home game up. I have everything required: a custom-made hold-em table (very, very nice--I'll post a photo when I have more time) which seats nine comfortably, billiard felt, racetrack on outside, padded rail; 13.5g chips (I have a good connection with a chip distributor/reseller). Even my wife would support a home game, but I haven't been able to get it to happen. Mainly, I don't know enough local suburbanites who would want to seriously play. Our family plays, but it gets frustrating trying to pick up tells on my seven year-old. He's going all-in at the blink of an eye, regardless of his cards, so it can be a challenge. My wife is solid, our ten year-old can play very well as well. But I need a solid home game. I wouldn't want to bring in folks I don't know well as there have been everything from robberies to SWAT busts of games in and around the area. It would be great to come out of the closet as my wife would support that.


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