24 October 2005

Phase III: Long-Term Success

Online bankroll: $2,222.25, so had a solid weekend. Played mostly $15/30 (+$813) with two $5/10 sessions (-$137). My play is much less patient at $5/10, widening my hands with more players in, so not a good combination. Since $15/30 led me to busting my bankroll in August, I am much more focused. Not passive, but tighter for sure. One interesting session from yesterday: I post and catch JJ, which I raise one off the button, sb three-bets and I call. Flop comes AKJ, he bets, I raise; X on turn, he check-raises me, T on river he check/calls me with KTo. I played seven hands then left the table because the table started falling apart.

For the Closet Poker Player, weekends can be a struggle. I'm not sure of the data, but players have to at least double on the weekend on Party if not triple. My wife and I did a walk-around the house and identified 56 projects that we needed to do. She let me work us through prioritizing them, and we knocked out seven of them. She is quite patient with me, and it was good to get these things done. We also had soccer on Saturday, which was great. My eldest scored a goal, and he did great. I coach our seven year-old's team, and we had a prop bet (maybe really a bribe, I guess) that they would get a surprise if we didn't allow a goal (they got ice cream for the shutout last week). So, of course, second consecutive shut-out after giving up a ton of goals through the first four games. Back to poker: so, it's a challenge to play with all the activity. And since it's unspoken territory for us, then I have to play in downtime. That means late night in front of the TiVo while she is reading (late night meaning after bedtime for the boys/8:30-9:00 or so). I've tried the late-night play, but it ends up screwing me up for church on Sunday or for the day. Not in very good shape to be handling the long nights. So, it means the 30-90 minute sessions, which also means commitment to my Tenets of Closet Poker. The main driver is patience, which the higher level actually facilitates more. As the cash is bigger, it is easier to lay down the marginal hands or the hands in poor position. Also, less pretend poker (which means pretending you have something when the other person(s) has(ve) a strong hand). Pretend poker is a good redistribution of wealth strategy--redistributing my wealth to other degenerates.

My brother-in-law and I are closing on our plans for a Bellagio trip. I'm able to get the poker rate ($129). I haven't been traveling as much in the last six months. Before, I was in Vegas with clients 4-6 times/year plus other places. The Bellagio is my home base when I'm there. I haven't played the Wynn but have played most everything else, as well as a bunch across the US. My live bankroll is $1,400, down from $3,000 after a particularly brutal Bellagio trip earlier this year.

As the blog is starting to pick up some traffic, I'd like to say thanks. It's more cathartic for me than anything as a Closet Poker Player to have this blog, but you always hope that someone is out there. I'll try to stay true to the mission of exploring the secret poker player and its dynamics, but let me know if there are particularly poignant topics that are helpful.


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