18 October 2005

Breaking My Rules on Party

For those who follow my blog and subscribe to my Closet Poker Tenets religiously (OK, I'm the only one on this blog, but there could be a hidden crowd out there...), I've broken my online rule #1: Playing within Bankroll. It was primarily caused by significant frustration with work and Party (making stupid bets chasing, playing pretend poker, trying to out-bully the bully with nothing). So, I jump up from $5/10 to $15/30. I'm to the right of a uber-aggressive player (not sure if that is an appropriate term, but whatever). He re-raises the guy raising his blind, he raises on flops. He fluctuated between $800 and $1200, then got up to $1450 without showing down, so it might be something to think about. Anyways, I lay down a couple of times with him, I take a nice pot with KK, various hands cause me to win and lose, I bet at pots, I raise with TT, get check raised when J hits the flop, bet at an A on the turn and get them to lay down, etc. etc. etc. All in all, I win back what I lost earlier playing $5/10, and I'm back at square one.

So I am still back at the same fundamental question I had: can I make the push forward into +EV online? I'm up $550 for my re-entry (and I'll get the $85 frequent-flyer bonus today or tomorrow), but can I get into the black and stay there. Can I win $500-1500 weekly? I haven't been able to get anywhere close to that, ultimately getting on some downward spiral where I chunk it all. Today could have been that day, as that's how I cashed out last time, jumping up in stakes and distributing my chips to various letters and numbers from Russia, the UK, and College Town USA.

My brother-in-law says I need to play more tourneys. I definitely need to figure out how not to screw up for sure, so I may do that (especially the lower-buy-in tourneys). BTW, Doyle Brunson WPT Bellagio kicks off today. Some brutal tables:

  • Daniel Negreanu, John Phan, Mimi Tran, T.J. Cloutier, and David "The Dragon" Pham
  • Gus Hansen, Andy Bloch, Allen Cunningham, Chris Bigler, Carlos Mortensen, Dan Harrington
  • Tuan Le, Phil Hellmuth, Layne Flack
  • Nam Le, Jennifer Harman , Sam Farha , Harry Demetriou and Lyle Berman
417 players @ $10,000=nice. Oh, and Doyle fell literally early on, but he's fine.


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