17 October 2005


98/660 in $20+2 Limit Hold-Em on Party tourney (paid top 70). Had a bad hand when I was up in middle stage where I bet into a guy with nothing and he called me down. Early, I caught KK and AA on successive hands to get a nice stack. Got short stacked and made a bad play at the end, reraising the button with 99 from the bb, flop was Q76, and I got all-in (he had AQ), and I was gone. I am somewhat patient but still not nearly strong enough to be patient in Party tourney. Crud, crud, crud. I also gave away a third of my stack earlier raising with 66 from the button and getting re-raised then bet into from sb.

This wasn't a Bellagio $2,000 buy-in or anything, but it does point to the level of focus required. You have to be capable of focusing and making solid decisions rather than feeling pressed to shrug your shoulders with an, "Oh, what the heck I'll raise," or what my brother-in-law and I call pretend poker, meaning pretending like you have some mysterious hand when you have nothing and the other guy obviously has something. Top prize was $2904. Crud. Crud, crud, crud.

I quit playing cash game late and started falling afterwards. I lost one big hand when I was in two hands. For those eight-table players, I'm embarrassed that I can't really hang with the multiple demands for my action and attention.

In summary: crud. Crud, crud, crud.


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