21 October 2005

Man in Black

OK, we've accomplished Phase II, getting back to positive online territory. The online bankroll is now $1578, up from the $400 buy-in and in the black for last screw-up (total buy-in in last three months was $1,100, so we're now back up). I continued to break my rule, playing up at $15/30 LHE. Not sure of all ramifications of playing up. The hits are worse for sure (AKo with flop of KJ3, guy had a king and caught his second pair on river; I flop flush and raise through the whole thing, guy catches a 3 on the river playing 34o and catches his boat), but I got helped by having two premium hands hold up: AQ flopping a Q when other guy had QJ (I checked river when board paired 6), AK vs. K7--board was KXX 7 A. He check raised the turn with another caller, and the pot was $507. I gave back $75 in blinds and one limp/call then booked the win. Also played a multi-table sit and go. Was doing well, went over the top of a guy I had just taken a big pot from with AK (he calls with K7s); flop comes 567, X, K. $20+2 two-table sit-n-go, so I guess that kind of stuff happens. So now the question is can I build on this bankroll or will I give it back. I need to get a solid game plan on what to do next, so I'll get back on this.


Blogger Scott Cunningham said...

1. Play within bankroll (300xbb)

2. Do this for one week before graduating up then report changes.

3. Keep careful data the entire time and post spreadsheet of how revenues changed

4. Use Pokertracker to track here on out.

Then report back to us. Congrats on the positive, but you know that positive swings and negative swings are par for course. The question I want to know is the trajectory. Ideally, I think you want to get the variance in your wins lower, and trajectory's slope increasing. To do that, I think more concrete data is needed.

2:58 PM  
Blogger cc said...

OK, just downloading Pokertracker.

One thing that I've done on $15/30 is tighten up and play more solidly. Don't limp as much, toss sb and save the $5, etc. The play within bankroll would push me back to $5/10 (blinds of $2/5). I agree with what you say for sure. The challenge also for the Closet Poker Player is how many hours to play in the suggested one week. I play on the sly currently, probably averaging ten-fifteen hours a week the last few weeks. Because it is hit or miss before work, after work, at lunch, and watching TV, it's a bit different than deciding, "I'm on for the next five hours." The other question is should I jump back into tourneys with more of a plan (play x number of $Y buy-in tourneys). Let me chew and I'll post later.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Wes said...

Actually the BB stands for big bets. So actually with $1500, you should be playing 2/4.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Wes said...

Oh yeah, and use Poker Ace Hud along with Pokertracker.

3:47 PM  
Blogger cc said...


Thanks, and welcome to the blog. You'll have to let me know how best to use Poker Tracker. I'll also add your blog to mine, so thanks.

8:39 PM  

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