22 October 2005

Poker Tracker

Poker Tracker is active and live. 5,245 of my hands are in the database (691 $15/30 and 4,554 $5/10).

Bottom Five Hands (Net $$): A8o (-$509), 55 (-$378), QTo (-$291), 77 ($-268), 87s ($-216)
Top Five Hands (Net $$): KK ($831), AA ($734), KTo ($614), 88 ($499), QJs ($459)
Winning Sessions: $15/30--6 out of 9, $5/10--35 out of 60

Need to use it more to try and generate more analysis and guidelines. One significant thing is that it is much easier to lay down the marginal hands simply by seeing your net winnings, etc. Also, the player analysis shows that a chunk of players play only premium hands. +$400 today in two sessions totalling exactly an hour.


Blogger Premature-ejaculation said...

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Blogger Wes said...

Buhaha. Premature ejaculation. Got to love spammers.

12:01 AM  
Blogger PokerGirl said...

Hey, keep up the great work with the blog!

~ Rebecca
Poker Tracking Software

4:57 AM  

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