24 October 2005

Phase IIIa: Not So Fast

-$200 in $15/30 after getting down close to $1,000. First 48 hands dropped $500 missing several open-end flops and flush draws, but never getting anything. I need to review and figure out how I even played the hands I did, which I'll be able to do. Moved tables, dropped another $500, then won four of the next five hands with AA vs TT (got all-in with last $98); QJo raised flopping KT, A on turn; raised with A9s (was re-raised), flop was A9 bet/called, 7 turn I check/raised, 7 on river got called; Ts9s limp, flop was KJJ with two spades, As on turn.

I got major league tilted on a particular Party hand where my three-bet AQo was called with QT, AKx flop was called, Q on turn called, J on river was raised. One overall thing I've now got to focus on is how to build from here and not digress. I should be down $1,100 and got extremely lucky to catch cards at the right time, as well as have good hands hold up. This is variation, but it also is moving away from solid play that got me built back. Very frustrating to get back down like that, but I'll take a $200 loss to slap me back to attention.


Blogger ScurvyDog said...

I saw a couple of previous comments mentioning this, but be aware of the swings at 15/30. I won't go so far as to say that you need to have 300 BB before tackling any level, as I think taking shots is important, but make sure you understand the risk/reward ratio of playing 15/30 with a bankroll ~$2,000.

The normal, everyday variance at that level includes swings of $2k or more, just from the way the cards fall. I've had swings of $5K in a four or five hour session, without suffering any particular bad beat or winning any huge pot.

Not trying to argue with your decision to play that high with a limited bankroll, just making sure you understand the risks involved.

10:32 AM  
Blogger cc said...

Agreed. $15/30 is my live game, and I feel comfortable playing that live. I've had a significant time adjusting online, mainly to playing poorly from my analysis. Thanks though for the input and comments.

1:03 PM  

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