27 October 2005

Time for a Breather

Very late night (4:00AM). I took a nap after dinner from 7:30-1:15 or so and had to get a chunk of work done. I run a consulting and marketing firm. I've had to downsize the company and am struggling to find new clients. Closet Poker is a stress releaser for me, but can also be a distraction.

Enough of that, back to the poker. I worked for a few hours and then sat down at a $3/6 short-handed table. Bled off $97.75, although I'm not entirely sure what happened. Suffice it to say that I didn't get any cards, I bet into calling stations, I chased and didn't get there, and I now don't like short-handed tables anymore. I jumped back to a $5/10, dropped a hundred, tightened up alot, caught trips twice, then started to play, taking down the blinds a couple of times, catching the nut flush on the river, then having my raised ATo hold up with AKQ on the board. Up $97 on $5/10, so I lost $0.75. Online bankroll at $2628. I'm not sure yet if mixing up levels is helping my game or not. I think I need to just to prepare myself more for live games.

I also played my Wilson Turbo tournament software after work. I won a 400 person tourney, pocketing a cool $375,000. I've played 64 400-person tourneys, have cashed 9 times, made final table 4, and won twice. I was the chip leader midway through, then I donkeyed my chips away with 35 players left, going from first in chips to 28/30. So it was really positive that I could fight through and rebuild, although I caught a couple of breaks.

I think the Poker Tracker software is helping me. When I used PokerEdge, I think it made me do stupid things and get away from my game. This seems to help more as a post-mortem diagnostic tool for me currently. Not enough hands on other players to help me too much, although it does make it a bit easier to pick-up on very tight or very loose players. I don't have a very good feel for the depth of analysis provided, so I'll have to dig in more.

I may fight through the night and work some more, or I might catch a couple more hours of sleep.


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what are you thoughts on the Wilson Software?

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