24 February 2008

Vancouver, Eh?

75/365 New Do
Originally uploaded by csquard

A great day Saturday in my quick trip up to Vancouver from Portland to see Fuel55. I'll try to have a longer trip report at the airport if I have time (4:45AM wakeup call this morning and have to rush to my flight in a few minutes). We both played in a $200+20 6-max NLHE event yesterday. He busted out fairly early, I lasted to 26/120 with 15th the cash bubble. I lost a big pot with 9's vs 6's all-in pre-flop (she spiked a six on the turn), then I was moved to a fairly aggro table where I just couldn't make it happen. I stole enough to last a couple levels and was a double-up from getting into the cash and making a long run. I probably played overly nitty, but whatever.

Time to pack up now.

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