21 February 2008

An Evening Away

A Little Treatment
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This was a day with great interactions that I'd just as soon forget.

I spent a few hours Tuesday evening at Casino Arizona, sort of heading back to my roots of poker. I bought a hundred white chips and played $4/8 LHE, the game I'd learned poker at. I was up to $195 at one point but a turn raise in a kill pot with an open-ended flush draw couldn't push K3o off of his two pair. I ended up down $30 for the evening.

I had a great lunch with one of the guys who changed my life. JP hired me from my job leading a small consulting division in a market research company, giving me a salary which was more than my wife and I made combined. With that, we moved to Phoenix, where we had the first of our three boys.

I was able to make an earlier flight and get to Seattle in time for dinner with Mrs. Chako. While the meal wasn't rushed, I think we both had our minds elsewhere. Her boys and nanny were arriving from a week away within the hour, and my mind was on work and a rough call with my wife regarding work and on and on. As we sped away to our destination, I was definitely glad that we'd gotten a meal, but I was also glad that she was rushing off to see her kids at the airport.

I found my way to the B&B on Puget Sound. I played some low stakes stud, four-tabling to numb myself to sleep more than anything. It is a gorgeous evening, and I was able to get here as the lunar eclipse was finishing up. I've kept the cottage I'm in cold, and I'm not quite sure why. Maybe to punish myself a bit, I don't know. Tomorrow is an early start then I head to Portland. Riveting, I know...

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