18 February 2008

70/365 Sleeping in an Airport

70/365 Sleeping in an Airport
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This is what you look like after sleeping in an airport. Due to the violent weather that hit Alabama and came through Atlanta Sunday, I was stuck in Atlanta's airport from 3:30 to 10:30 (flight was scheduled for 5:45). I was connecting to Reno through Phoenix, so that got blown out of the water. The 1-800 number told me they'd put us up in a room, then Phoenix staff told us no because of the weather. It was 1:45AM when I got there, and I was leaving at 7:55AM to Reno, so I decided to camp out at my gate.

It was a bit cold and the CNN speaker/television screen was right over the seats I was spread out on. I slept through it pretty well. I was able to find a Comfort Inn in Reno that gave me a half-day rate, so I'm here for a couple hours working online and about to shower. I have a 1:00 meeting then fly to Denver at 3:30, so it's about a six-hour stay here. An excellent start to week 4 of my trip.

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