16 February 2008

What Should I Do Next Two Weeks: First Dibs

OK, time to reach out for contact with CC. Here is my itinerary over the next two weeks (date is where I have business):

17 Feb (PM): Reno
18 Feb: Reno
19 Feb: Pueblo, CO
20 Feb: Phoenix
21 Feb: Seattle
22 Feb: Portland
23 Feb: Vancouver
24 Feb: Vancouver
25 Feb: outside Dayton
26 Feb: Cincinnati
27 Feb: Cheswick, PA
28 Feb: Montgomery, AL
29 Feb: near Anniston, AL, then drive home to the ATL

I'd love to grab coffee or a meal with anyone along the way, so ping me at csquard@gmail.com or leave a comment here. If I can figure the logistics out, we'll make it happen.
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