10 February 2008

Live Blogging the Atlanta Ballet

I had dinner with my wife and her friend here in the ATL (next to Fox Theater) as they then headed to the Ballet. I'm holed up at a diner next door, using the wireless network of the sandwich shop which is closed for the evening.

I'm pretty worn out and fried, trying to get work done in the few hours yesterday and today that were available to me. I have a ton of projects on the marketing side for a client as I'm in the midst of my five-week project. It's never easy for me to drive creative work while I'm traveling. My wife has tried to step in and do some project management, but I need to give her much more direction (as well as give my graphic designer more detailed input). I'm sure many people are like this, but it's hard to be creative when the well is dry. I'm fine with multi-tasking, but not too fine with coming up with copy and interesting stuff.

I have a morning flight which means I'll have to leave early to get to Atlanta Hartsfield on the horrid Monday mornings. This is going to be a big driving week, which means I also will need to get some sleep. I do wish I could just crash tonight, but in fact it could turn into an all-nighter or close to it.

OK, so I didn't exactly live blog this. I ended up eating a BLT sans T, fries, and a piece of cheesecake plus about ten cups of coffee (after eating lasagna with the girls before the Ballet). I had to do something to stay there. Just got back an hour ago, now still working away. They enjoyed "Romeo and Juliet," although I think the ending was fairly typical. I gave a homeless guy two dollar coins on the way out of the diner.
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