07 February 2008

In Montreal/Six Degrees with Charlie

6Feb 012
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I'm in my hotel in Montreal, about ready to crash for the evening. A very long day filled with driving lots through steadily deteriorating weather (I missed it driving), sleeping on the plane for three hours (the only one comfortable on the plane as it sat on the runway for three hours), then made it to my hotel. I played in the Mookie, lasting two hands longer than Fuel (my AKo down in flames to QQ after Fuel's QQ lost to AA).

I'm pretty worn out and have alot of work to do in the morning, so I'll just fire up my Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where we jump from this site to see where the blogdom takes us.

>> Pookalookaville I first found Charlie through her riveting photos on Flickr. I followed her heartache as she watched her father pass away in a thirty-day stay in a hospice. She's definitely someone worth investing in.

>> JeannieGrrl Never ceases to amaze me when we do this. Very neat design with lots of gadgets (webcam, other stuff). This one will take some time to dig into.

>> Just a Girl Want to know more about AmyElle? Well, she has a General About Me and an Adult About Me.

>> Deepest Darkest Thoughts Very prolific lady going through alot, it seems.

I'm a middle-aged woman going through a midlife crisis. Sometimes I wonder if I'll live through it. Trying to reconcile losing the love of my life at the same time as losing my marriage (not to the love of my life).

>> The Eyes Have It A green-eyed lady living in Hong Kong (Happy Chinese New Year, btw!). She also has lost a loved one recently, her mother. Unfortunately, she's having to go through some of the mess that happens after the death of a loved one.

>> Violent Acres Another interesting lady. Very prolific, and she looks to be an excellent, open writer as well.

So, accidentally there you have it, six ladies from literally all over the world. Check them out, and I'm checking into bed!

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