03 February 2008

Checking in in Edmonton

Checking in in Edmonton
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I'm here after nine hours of flying. I was able to upgrade the whole way from Atlanta-Phoenix-Edmonton. I slept most of the way, as it is nearly impossible for me to stay awake on a plane. There were many people on the plane headed to Phoenix for the Super Bowl, and it seemed like most were Giants fans. It's warmed up to -11 Fahrenheit here in Edmonton, which was actually bearable to get a taxi and to get out as I'd packed my coat.

The taxi music was a bit odd--some sort of techno-Euro dance tracks. Every ten minutes, a DJ would come on to announce that the previous songs were from two obscure bands and that another was coming up. Of course, every song sounded exactly the same. I may have to record some techno-Euro dance mixes, I believe.

I got here around 2:00AM, so I'm planning to hit the sack in just a bit. Sunday is a day off, so I'll have plenty of time to rest up. I'm sure I'll catch the game, but I'll have to figure out where to do that.

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