01 February 2008

Confirmed Itinerary

Saturday: Atlanta-Phoenix-Edmonton (unfortunately, I have to leave tomorrow afternoon and arrive after midnight)
Sunday: Edmonton
Monday: Edmonton-Toronto (staying in Hamilton)
Tuesday: Ancaster, then drive to London (staying in London)
Wednesday: Thamesville, then drive back to Toronto airport to fly to Montreal
Thursday: Montreal
Friday: Montreal (no meetings currently), fly to Atlanta in the afternoon; btw, this is my wife's birthday

Currently in Dallas on the 12th-13th, still looking to book the 11th as well as the Thursday-Friday
Currently in Reno on the 18th, Phoenix on 20th, outside Seattle on 21st (looking to book the 19th and 22nd)
Still have the week of the 25th to book

So, that's what I'm doing in February.
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