31 January 2008

What to Watch?

With Lost debuting tonight, ABC tosses a final dart into the morass that television has become with the writers strike. My wife and I are television junkies, so this has been a particularly challenging time for us. Here are a few hidden gems that you might try out in your spare nights.

Make Me a Supermodel My wife wanted to watch this, and I didn't think much of it. I haven't watched any of the model shows and wasn't expecting much. This is a keeper. The young men and ladies aren't clones, which makes it more interesting I think. They're also definitely pushing the sexual envelope (see last week's show on sexual chemistry). Starting with only fourteen models makes the series quickly approach good candidates who are going to get booted off. New episode tonight.

Iron Chef America. My mom got me hooked on this when we were with my late grandfather. The Food Channel show is a knockoff of a Japanese show featuring an Iron Chef (one of five chefs on the show) with a top chef. The Chairman (some weird guy) is sort of the host, the guest chef gets introduced, chooses the chef he/she wants to go up against, then a secret ingredient is introduced. This has to be featured in the five dishes that the chefs will prepare in sixty minutes, with the assistance of two sous chefs/assistants (not sure what sous chefs actually means). The guest chefs aren't amateurs; they are some of the best chefs in America. Definitely very inspiring, and they are incredibly creative. Watch it once, and you'll be hooked.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles This new Fox show is a home run, with Lena Heady as the mother of John Connor who is trying to keep her son alive and prevent skynet (or whatever it is) with the help of hottie cyborg Cameron (Summer Glau). You may remember Heady as the queen in "300."

Millionaire Matchmaker I think this was the worst-promoted new series in quite awhile, showing millionaire matchmake Patti Stanger in a too-tight red outfit. I'd vowed never to watch this show where Stanger sets up dysfunctional guys with money who can't find, win, or stay with the woman of their dreams. Yet here I was watching it today after taking a nap. Bravo does a great job with these reality shows. They aren't formulaic and don't drop down to the easy moronic tactics that make reality shows fairly stupid to most people. The show introduced two millionaires, Patti along with her three assistants select about a dozen or more hotties with some substance (or not) to meet and greet the two. Each guy selects three ladies to "speed date" (ten minutes), then each selects one for a date.

Top Chef Chicago Padma Lakshima. Plus cooking competition.

More photos, but I'm headed to dinner now. Any other shows?
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