10 February 2008

CC on Stud

So my new casual poker vice is 7-Card Stud, normally fairly low limit ($1/2 is sort of the standard). As anyone who has ever been here knows, I'm the opposite of an expert when it comes to poker. Having said that, here are my tried and true rules to live by when it comes to Stud (hey, I'm up $400 or so in the last couple weeks, so bear with me...):

  1. Fold I know that is a standard rule in poker, but I think it is even more so in Stud. Fold most everything, especially depending on what's already out there. Have your six paired when there is another six and your seven already on the board? Fold. You start with rainbow 567 when there are two 8's and a 4 on the board? Fold. Have two 4's in the hole with your 7? Fold. Basically, just fold and fold and fold.
  2. Auto call with three to the flush
  3. Be sneaky when you're rolled up (three of a kind with the first three cards)
  4. Chase your straights and flushes when you can, but don't make it a habit
  5. I check with my two pair or straights on the river when someone is paired. I've found I'm raised with a better hand more than I'm paid off, and worse hands seem to fold.
  6. You can bluff depending on what everyone is chasing and how you've bet.
  7. Fold. Did I mention fold 90% of the time that you don't have a pair? I'll occasionally raise or call with AK down, but really I think it's rare.
  8. Multi-task I'm pretty sure you're supposed to pay alot more attention to what cards have come before you, but I'll most of the time just pick up play after the deal once it's to me.
  9. Buy in for some amount over the minimum, then cash out when you get tired, up to $100, or make $100.
  10. Don't be afraid of the initial re-raise. That means a pair most of the time, but who knows and who cares? If you get your two pair with your 575, then you're probably good.
  11. Don't feel bad if people call you names. Really, how can anyone get upset at Stud? Look, I've had my share of moronic beats or straight flush draws with five pair that never gets there, but c'mon. If they call you a bad name, it probably means that you're good. Or you're horrible.
  12. Be tricky. You'll think you're playing some sort of advanced stud. Actually, you're being dumb. If it makes you feel better, then good for you.
  13. Keep notes. Not.
  14. Don't calculate any odds. You can normally keep track of how many spades have come out when you're on a flush draw with your left hand. If you have to use your right hand, you should fold. Otherwise, keep betting or calling.
Stud is the best thing since affiliate marketing, from what I can figure out. If you need some extra money, then fire up a stud game and fold your way to an extra tank of gas. And tell them CC sent you.


Blogger The Wife said...

Post made me chuckle. No hats required in Enumclaw. Unless you're going to poker up with everyone.

Can't promise a game, but could squeeze out dinner if you swing by my way and have an evening!

Let me know.

The Wife

11:43 PM  
Blogger pokertart said...

I've been playing SHL almost exclusively for the past month. I'm enjoying it a lot.

And yes, fold, fold, fold, fold. I'm amazed at how often I still get paid off, despite not playing any hands for rounds on end.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


























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