19 February 2008

Emerging from the Fog

71/365 Emerging from the Fog
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I flew to Denver last night, again with precious little time to spare to meet up with someone I'd only corresponded with in email or in the comments of my blog.

Jason has always been a big encourager of mine, especially during my times at the WSOP. He is a young father of two girls and a boy, all under the age of nine. He is something called a Worship Leader, the person in contemporary Christian worship services who plans and leads the music, as well as prepares the band/musicians. He and his family lived in Vancouver, and his church there was growing.

And like that, he and his wife decided to leave the certainty of things going well to head to Denver to an uncertain immediacy. He felt it was what he and his family were supposed to do, and so they left. Fast forward to today, and he's been designing websites along with some part-time worship leader assignments before recently signing up for a church planning to head to inner-Denver.

Why have I inconvenienced my travel plans to see these people, to see Kat and Jason and Michelle and Fuel? It's because I am in need. I need the nourishment of speaking and connecting with someone else. Maybe I have a safe haven sharing a meal or coffee with someone thousands of miles away. Maybe my defective, dysfunctional interpersonal skills somehow become unlocked and freed when I'm with strangers who care about me. I have no idea.

Off to the airport now to return the car then head to Phoenix, a city of very mixed emotions for me. My wife and I continued our big adventure in life there, moving from New Jersey to Phoenix in 1994. Our first son was born there, I thrived in my career, I had my largest client there. Such a far away place, those times.

Have these times been special? Absolutely, there is no doubt. Lunch with Kat and Keith, coffee with Jason, these have been incredible

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