22 February 2008

Good Morning Portland

74/365 Good Morning
Originally uploaded by csquard

I made it out for a very nice sunrise this morning and have several hours to work before heading to my next meeting. I'll be heading to Vancouver tonight to see Fuel Saturday. He's currently playing in the HU championship and is up against his good buddy, Alan. Should be a great best of five series.

This isn't safe for the workplace, but I've posted a couple times about merkley???'s 111 Naked Girls photos and books, really funny and creative. Here is his latest, and I think his title is self-explanatory (edited since I don't use bad words...): Rachel - Posing A^^ End In The Oven With Shoddily Prepared Potatoes, Fake Gold Knife, Old Masher, Sloppy Teapot & Iffy Generic Canned Gravy As A Stuffed Rat Pretends to Give a F*#+. How he comes up with these and then convinces girls to get naked and strike the pose is beyond me.

Have a great weekend.

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