25 February 2008

Post-Lost Luggage

77/365 Post-Lost Luggage
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Horrible day this Sunday. The Cliff's Notes version:

4:45AM wake-up
5:15AM breakfast (room service)
5:35AM leave for airport
6:15AM check-in, find out my Air Canada flight is actually United; flight delayed two hours, I'll miss my connection; re-booked on American Airlines flight
10:15AM take-off
3:30PM flight attendant tells us we're arriving at C29, my flight is at 4:47PM at gate B22A
4:08PM get off plane
4:12PM find a cart to run with my luggage down one terminal to the end of Terminal B
4:17PM gate agent at B22A tells me flight left (United flight, not American), so I start running to Terminal 2
4:25PM gate agent tells me he doesn't have time for me, go to Customer Service
4:30PM Customer Service tells me I should be at Terminal 3; I miss the flight, they re-book me on a 7:30 United flight.
5:00PM I eat at Chili's Too (boneless buffalo wings)
5:30PM I find the gate, ask the agent to check on my bag; she says it is still at Chicago O'Hare
7:30PM Board flight to Cincinnati
9:45PM Get off plane, head to Baggage Claim
10:15PM Realize United has indeed lost my luggage
11:00PM Finish with United's Baggage Services, get on rental car van
11:15PM Leave rental car place
11:55PM Check into hotel
12:40AM Find Wal-Mart to purchase my snazzy new outfit for tomorrow
1:15-2:05AM Try to do heavy lifting on creative work; not much luck with too much stress and worn out. Heading to bed.

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