29 February 2008

Around the Bend

Tracking by the Allegheny
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The end of this long trip is drawing near, and I think I'm going to make it back home to see my boys and my wife. A few highlights from the trip:

>> Having a camera in hand made me stop and really see America and Canada. There is beauty literally most everywhere, and I really started slowing down and seeing things once I started taking more photos.
>> I thought I was pretty used to long times of being alone, but I underestimated all of the interaction I have with my family on a daily basis.
>> I like to think I'm fine not being with others, but I think I'm actually healthier when I'm interacting with other people. The fact that I have to fly somewhere to find a safe haven to be with someone else is a problem pointing to some flaws in me. I need to create opportunities to be with people.
>> I need my family, need each of these boys, crave the intimacy with my wife.
>> I'm still unsure about all of the career questions I had, and I'm not sure if this helps clear things up or not. I don't think I want to return to being gone 60-80% of the time, although I do like being utilized and doing good stuff.
>> It is strange how easy it is for me to slip into deep, intimate discussion about myself with the friends I've made online. I'm very thankful that I was able to see everyone on this trip, if only for a brief glimpse. It kept me going.

skidoo is trying to walk me through a new Outlook problem that crept up yesterday, and I have to head to my next set of meetings. For anyone hanging with me, thanks for stopping by and for all your support. Have a great weekend.

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