29 October 2005

Clawing Back

Ended up +$531 on $15/30 and +$235 in $200 NLHE. Lost once with A2s, then folded it twice (once I would have had quad deuces vs. AK and AQ, and once I would have had a boat). Almost raised early with T8c and would have caught a straight on the turn. I lost $140 at $5/10, losing twice to runner-runner boats to the same person (I did well to only get stuck for that). I bought in for $405 at $15/30, had to add on another $90 and ended up all-in on one hand where I had 55 and flop was K54, then 44 on turn and river (guy had KT). I could have gotten another $25 from him as he bet the river. Then I got really lucky and caught a 9 on the river with A9 vs. AQ (I was raiser and A flopped). Should have slowed down a bit with next hand of AA, but flop was Q44 and I raised it (after capping pre-flop). I could have called the three-bet and probably gotten more out of it. Cracked AA when I had Qd9d, flop was 9hTh4d, I bet and was raised. 7d kept me in with check/call, then 3d on the river and I check/raised (she reluctantly bet after the check). I then won a couple of pots heads-up, one pushing out the one caller by raising pre-flop with AJo and betting the flop and turn. Did the same UTG with bb calling me, he stayed in until river with gutshot straight draw. There were three players who raised >20% of the time, so it was a wild game. One guy won a $777 pot with 33 and a flop of 388 (one guy had two clubs for flush draw, one guy had an 8, one guy had a 3). Raise/re-raise/re-re-raise. Absolutely crazy. One guy won $1350, another won $650, one lady lost $773. I watched the $2000 NLHE game, then decided to try my luck at $200 NLHE. Caught a sweet nut flush draw on the flop with A8 and a flop of KQT, the flush made on the turn, and I doubled up on the river (guy flopped straight with AJ). Had QQ and again caught nut flush draw with AK7h, catching the heart on the turn again. Flopped top pair with AJo in a raised pot. Online bankroll at $3465.


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