15 December 2005

"...well, you're in Boise Idaho..."

Something you don't want to hear from your taxi driver coming from Heathrow in London: "Well, that hotel is unusual to select. Where are you from? (Georgia) Well, think of London as the Southeast, and you are staying in Baton Rouge (Maida Vale). And where is your business? (Sunbury) Well, you're going to Boise, Idaho!"

So I now understand why my rate was 89 pounds (don't know how to make the pound symbol). I am way in the outskirts of London, close to nothing. My last twenty-four hours have not been very fun. I received a frantic call from a client saying they needed to add a web page that is printed as a reference on some literature. I couldn't get online when I got to my hotel late last night. I then had alot of trouble in the Virgin Atlantic club at Newark. The lady wouldn't take my UPS letter, then I couldn't get a wireless connection. Finally did, but I couldn't get on their website, which was bizarre. They won't let anyone on their server, so they make you use FrontPage to do any changes. None of my people can use it (it's a PC web program for neophytes like me), so I was planning to do something but couldn't. I also find out that the Virgin flight doesn't have their new Upper Class suites (I know this part won't get me any sympathy). I've always loved Virgin after Singapore Air and Cathay Pacific, but it was pretty normal this time (although a massage on a plane is hard to beat...). The seats did recline to flat, so I slept the entire flight except the last hour or so.

At least my week next week is shaping up. I'll be here until Monday, then fly to Amsterdam, Paris, and Cologne, then back to London Thursday night. Fly to Newark Friday and Atlanta Saturday. My day tomorrow is open, and I'll probably head to Gutshot around lunch time or so. My taxi driver demanded cash rather than credit card (of course, he feigned ignorance regarding the sign on his black cab). I'm not quite sure why I picked this hotel as it will suck for sure. My cell phone is now working here, as well as internet at some outrageous fee. Not sure if I'll get a bite to eat or not, may just have a big breakfast.


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