10 December 2005

Shooting Fish with No Ammo

Day 1 is in the books, booking a loss of -$430. An incredible list (I waited almost two hours for a seat). I railbirded $10/20 NLHE as well as peaked into Bobby's room. There were two big games going, with Chau Giang, Layne Flack, Barry Greenstein, Doyle, Phil Ivey, Chip Reese, and David Benyamine (not sure if that is right, but the French guy who won a WPT event). Table two had Phil Hellmuth, Jennifer Harman, some WPT guy that I don't know his name, Allen Cunningham, etc. etc. Also saw Marcel Luske, Men the Master, TJ Cloutier losing at craps, Paul Darden, David Williams, Erik Seidel, Eskimo Clark, Gus Hansen, Liz Lieu, and a bunch of others I recognized.

Had a great potential table, half rocks/native sharks and half calling stations. My biggest complaint was KK vs. Q6 with a 6 on the flop and the Q on the river. Spent $150 or so watching AK get racked, made a couple of plays that were picked off. Guy to my left in the 8 seat flopped three sets plus trips in a span of a couple hours, which is also very fun and nice. An evening of being card dead. I tested the waters with secondary hands, either raising or limping (QJs, QJo, etc.), and nothing every worked out for me. The Q6 guy went through close to $1500, but he always had enough to call me with bottom pair or second pair. I could never get the goods.

I'm going to get some real sleep, and we'll shoot for Day 2 booking a big improvement.


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