05 December 2005

The Tilting Call

10 out of 60 in the bar tourney final. I had a big pot early on with blinds at $100/200 (I had around $8,000), I raised it to $700 to go with AQs, one caller to my right. Flop came ATx, he checks, I bet $1400 and he calls, J on turn he bets $2500, I move all-in for another $3500, he calls and flips up JJ. He has me covered, and it looks like I'm going home early when the K hits the river for my straight. He goes crazy, but what was he thinking calling the flop there?

Middle Eastern guy moves to our table with $25,000 in chips (he busted his entire table almost). He limps, I get AQo and raise it to $1600 to go (blinds are $200/400), he calls. Flop comes AKT rainbow, he checks, I bet $2500, he raises me another $5,000. I sat and contemplated maybe 45 seconds and end up mucking. Later, he's called by various all-in's or whatever and shows that he'll raise with second pair, a whole host of hands, so I may have been ahead. Just don't know there...

I make it to a dozen players at two tables. Two solid players to my right, plus a lady miracle worker to my left and a couple of wise guys across from me. I make a significant blunder checking with A7o in the bb with three limpers. Flop comes A66 and everyone checks, 7 comes on the turn and sb bets $3,000 (blinds are $500/1000). I raise $5,000 (not sure why exactly), it folds to him and he says, "Six is no good? I'm all-in. I only have another $9,000 or so and have to throw my whole body into the much with my cards to lay it down (he shows Q6). I'm down to $9,000 and then blinds move to $1,000/2,000. I muck my bb then move all-in with marginal cards in sb, with bb folding. I then move all-in from the button and the sb calls me with some marginal hand and my big A holds up (I can't remember exactly). I'm up to $20,000 and it folds to me again and I look at JJ. Now I think this is a mistake, but I move all-in. I say this because I think I should have simply raised it up to $9,000 or $10,000 to go. The button (same guy) sits for a minute, says, "Well, that side game is going and I could play in that," and he calls with A3s. Everyone folds, and flop comes 225 with one diamond, then one of his aces hits on the turn. I think I could have moved on the flop and gotten him to fold, but who knows. He made a poor call unless he had me on a blind steal, which I hadn't done all night (or hadn't shown). Only top three were paid, so I wasn't too disappointed. All in all I think I played well except for the A7o bb, which I think I should have raised the limpers on (either getting everyone to fold or at least getting the sb out with Q6). I also showed some solid patience when I was short-stacked, which I'm a big believer in. I don't believe in getting blinded out, but I also don't believe in playing haphazardly, even when I'm down to 4x bb. I'd rather pick my spots, which either means betting into weakness (the first time I moved all-in) or betting while ahead.


Blogger Wes said...

I think that pushing all-in there with JJ was the right move. If I am going to bet 1/3 my stack or more, I might as well push it all in there since I'll be pot committed. Not much you can do when someone sucks out on you though.

12:58 AM  
Blogger Scott Cunningham said...

But why call the bet on the flop with all those overcards? That's the point cc made. Of course you push it with JJ and you pull your set on the turn. But why are you staying in in the first place when the board gives you that on the flop?

11:22 AM  

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