17 November 2005

Scrambling Back

Poker play has been light this week (three $5/10 sessions, +$350). Will stay focused on $5/10 until I can build back up to +$1000 (maybe just stay there). I'll probably be playing some live games through the end of year and January as I have an intense project with a client that will take me with heavy travel after Thanksgiving. Should include UK (so I can hit London card rooms for the first time), may include LA. I'll probably be in Europe 1-2 weeks, will be in China for a week in January, and not sure where else in Asia (another week or two). I may have weekend opportunities to sneak to Vegas or somewhere else, so I'll let you know when I get schedule finalized. I'll be in Houston week after Thanksgiving, but not sure if there is anything there.

Nice to see Allen Cunningham make the final table of the WPT Foxwoods. For some reason I'm a big fan of his...

I also may be close to getting a home game going. It looks like I have four interested parties, so I can make it a go with another two or three. I'd really like to have that as part of my poker life. My great custom hold 'em table is an underutilized asset, and it would be especially great to have the cameraderie. I don't get it from the bar tourneys. I think I've qualified for the end-of-year tourney (played three of the ten tourneys with a 1st and a 2nd). I may not be around to play in the finals now. I think 60 players with winner getting a 42" TV or something like that.

Sorry to anyone who had posted comments, and they are all appreciated. I had added a moderate comments feature which I didn't realize I needed to check (althoughI guess the word moderate might have tipped me off...)


Blogger WillWonka said...

Nice comeback... stay at it..

3:10 PM  

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