08 November 2005

Rough NLHE Night

Donkified beats: AA vs. T9 with 9 on flop, T on turn; with 77 I raised a nemesis all-in with flop of 245 (pot was $125 with five players calling a min raise and min re-raise) before his bet of $100, I raised to a total of $353), he called with A5o and caught an ace on river. Horrible player who made several bad plays, so it was disappointing not to pick him off. Lost $500 or so. I'm mixed on how to feel about poor play. I think overall you can't sweat it too much as for the long run you want bad play and all that stuff. Doesn't bring the cash back, but I actually think it's easier to make good reads and get sucked out then to make your play and find out you were wrong with your read.

My goal is to get online bankroll up to $5,000. This might not sound too ambitious (ended October at $3,677), but it is a bit practical and realistic. Since I've crashed and burned my bankroll a few times, this dealing with that practicality. If I can have two +EV months in a row, then that could be a trend. I think my $600NLHE is a crutch, searching for the big score rather than playing solid. More than likely, I'll return to $15/30 and focus there, see if I can put together some solid sessions. Worst three hands for November are QJo, AA, and AJo (AA has been cracked four of six times, costing me $400). Top three hands are AKo, 97s, and QQ. Stayed up working on a couple of proposals, so I'll give the dog a treat and hit the sack.


Blogger Julia said...

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12:47 AM  
Blogger F.J. Delgado said...

hey man, great blog, I'm linking up to you on mine (I'm a friend of Luke's and also a "pro").

it sounds like you have a firm grasp on various skills and fundamentals. best of luck, I'll keep checking in.

9:03 PM  
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