02 November 2005

Sick, and Sick

OK, I have a new rule: don't play when you are sick. Have lost $800-900 in the last 36 hours. Not sure how much of it is due to being ill, how much is due to negative circumstances (99 with a flop of AT9, losing to AA; AA losing to KJ on flop of KQx). Regardless, I've hit a skid. The challenge is how do you stay away. I'm still not feeling 100%, very tired, and I don't want to take any more of a hit.

I'm also considering dipping back into the tourney world. I've never cashed, either online or live, except in freerolls locally. A positive could be that it would consume time while playing. I've let my discipline slip, playing hands I shouldn't play, calling down when I know I'm beat, all the usual seen ad nauseum on all the blogs. This will be short, but my focus is not to play today or tomorrow, to try and get my physical and mental faculties back.

I'll post again if I play in a few minutes!


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