09 November 2005


First, what a wild tourney in the WSOP Tournament of Champions, won last night by Mike Matusow. Check out all the action at CardPlayer. It was an absolutely crazy final table, with Hellmuth, Steve Danneman (runner-up from this year's Main Event), Hoyt Corkins (the cowboy hat guy with the WPT wins), and Mike the Mouth. They are supposed to air this around Christmas on ESPN, but they may have to turn the final table into a miniseries.

Played $5/10 yesterday, was up $200 on first two tables, then got to the felt on the third, fought back to -$35, and was trying to get back into the black to book three for three winning sessions. Ended up giving up the $205 through alot of impatient play and general poor decision making. Trying to beat a strong table, while noble, is pretty foolish with soft tables abounding. Had a ton of turnover at the table, four folks staying with several seats turning five or six times in an hour. The lack of discipline was a disappointment, especially for the logic of trying to get to a winning session. I feel like I should have booked my comeback and left down only a bit, but I got too prideful. There were a few fish and calling stations, and I zigged when I should have zagged. So, much ado about nothing or something like that.


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