21 November 2005

Donkified Decisions?

Not much play for the weekend, although I cashed in two $30+3 SNG (3rd and 2nd) for a net of $84. I think I might like to play more of these as it fits the Closet Poker lifestyle: not much time invested, more play and action required with limited downside. Also played a $20+2 multi-table. I've never cashed in these, and this was no exception. Got all-in on the first hand (which was stupid with JJ, and made an all-in re-re-raise only to see KK flipped over). Of course, I caught my set on the flop, but a stupid play nonetheless. I can't quite recall how I crashed out, but I started playing a bit wilder further on as I didn't have alot of time.

Played 75 minutes of $5/10, +$217 and 31 minutes of NL$200, +$111 for a weekend total of around +$400. Tried to jump on a Party reload bonus, but it didn't seem to work so I backed my deposit out. Online bankroll at $1,527, which accomplishes the recovery goal of getting back to +$1,000. One quick hand: dealt big slick suited UTG+1 with UTG raising, I re-raise, button caps, three callser including me. 3h5s2s flop, giving me four to the nut flush. I bet with a re-raise by the capper and two calls, so all four of us stay in. 5d comes on the turn, we check to the capper who bets, and two of us call him. Magic card of 7s on the river gives me the nut flush, which I check. Caller bets, capper calls, I check/raise, caller calls with a JT flush, capper folds. Played six hands, +$178. The other $5/10 table had some real gravy trains, with the table sitting at 10-18 waiting almost the whole time I was there. I seemed to zig when I should have zagged, but ended the session positive, which is fine by me.

So I know the answer to this question, but I'll ask it anyways. My wife and her college friend decide they want to go to see U2, which was here Friday and Saturday. They spent most of last weekend on eBay, fighting for $300 tickets for the three of us only to see them go for $325 or whatever. So I pull the noble, valiant gesture: I tell her to move down to two tickets and pay whatever she wants so that she doesn't get cash shy. She's able to snag two tickets for $125 each, and I've busted out of U2. This is possibly my second worst concert decision, probably only second to deciding not to see The Police during the Synchronicity tour in '83. My roommate and I were in a huge fight about who was more of a musical genius, The Police or Michael Jackson. So, again poor decision making. The question, of course, is did I make a mistake in not going to U2.

Oh, and a quick shoutout to a legendary blog that I'm new to from Linda Geenen. She's a Bellagio dealer and has absolutely great perspectives on the games at the Bellagio, including Table 1 and the Big Game (I'm assuming--haven't found it yet). Lots of celebrity name-dropping for those who care. By the way, best celebrity sighting in my life: Madonna in the Upper West side of Manhattan in '85 I think. She's walking across the street as I am also. As we pass, I give her a "Hello, Mrs. Penn." I get her smile back, which I'll take.

iPod recent downloads: Outstanding (The Gap Band), Anotherloverholenyohead (Prince), Follow the Leader (Eric B and Rakim), Tennessee (Arrested Development).


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