02 December 2005

Absolute Brutality

Major setback last night, losing $600 in $5/10 (which is fairly difficult playing 22% of the hands). The high points:
  • KK loses to KTo
  • Pair chased down by nothing/runner-runner 4-card flush
  • JJ loses to Ah8h (flush on turn)
  • Monster hand: KK loses to 58 with flop of 276, 9 on turn
  • AQ loses to 5h4h: flop of 47Q no h, K on turn, 5 on river
  • KK loses to KTo: flop of TT9
  • AKo loses to Qh7h, flop of 8Q7, A on turn
  • AKo loses to JJ
  • AA loses to Q9o: flop of 995
  • KQo loses to 33, who calls down with board of T954A
  • A9 loses to TT with 9 as top board
  • AQo loses to AA: just called my raise, caught A on turn and got the rest of my chips in
Some significant roughness to be sure, caught by other players loose blind calls for the most part (Q9o, Q7h, KT0, 58s). Just more frustrating to catch so many continuously. Not included are eight-ten small pairs raised that didn't get anywhere ($10-15 losses at a time). I definitely lost $100-150 out of stubborness (just haven't been able to lay down KK or AA with the board paired); otherwise, felt solid in my reads just got caught by successful chases. Besides the bad run, probably the major stinger was the 58o, this from a rather loose player that had lost earlier and had been on a nice run up.

Watched some movies while I was playing last night (didn't go to sleep with a 7:00 AM flight). Flightplan with Jodie Foster (it was fine, nothing spectactular, fairly easy to sniff out), The Story of Us with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer (directed by Rob Reiner, story about their marriage falling apart; I saw it when it came out several years ago, and it actually was a dark story (not a formula/drawing type of movie) which I thought was really good. Also, Thomas Crown Affair, which is just great for sure.

I'll probably play in the bar tourney finals, as well as may play in the charity event Saturday. Final table paid out $20,000 last time, so it is a tourney that is worthwhile. Many of the charity tourneys I've played have $100-150 buy-in's with nominal prizes for winner, so this is more like it.

Got to get to work, stay awake, and get some lunch (in reverse order).


Blogger WillWonka said...

I absolutely feel your pain as I had lost nearly 50% of my bankroll over the past 4 months.

Things hopefully are turning around for me and hopefully they will for you too.

2:36 PM  
Blogger cc said...

Well, it's a zero sum game, which I've found out means that sometimes I'm the zero...

I think I'm going to try and refocus on live for December, see if that can switch things up. There is a fundamental question that I need to answer for myself: should I play rock/TAA online poker, or can I stay successful playing 22% of hands. Last night I was was probably down $70-100 grasping at straws (playing the occasional 89s, KTs, KJo). It was a really bad run to be sure, which is doubly bad as it hasn't been offset by a good run. The honest candor is good for me, and your support is valuable and welcomed.

3:24 PM  
Blogger mishu said...

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4:12 PM  

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