01 December 2005

Junkyard Dog

Returned to the online poker world last night. Three sessions with results:
  • $15/30: 19 hands, -$145, lost $150 with QQ with AK catching a K on river
  • $5/10: 111 hands, +$98, with aces holding up, flopped set, TT going down to QJ, couple of missed draws
  • $5/10: 343 hands, +$229, had a +60% player to my left that I lost to early when he would pair his 3 or 4 then call down, was able to take most of his cash eventually. Got down $100, up $225, back down $100, then finally stopped at the top. Had made a rule that I broke once to stop when I doubled up with my $205 buy-in. Biggest loser was KQo flopping the Q vs. AA, couldn't get paid off super big with my flopped top sets; made a couple nice reads with two same hand calls, betting my 33 vs. big cards.
So, back into the world of getting my junk kicked, etc. My short-term goal is to get up $1,000 and cash that out. Don't want to have the risk of tapping out the bankroll again with $15/30, so my initial rules are no NLHE and only $5/10, as well as playing in heavier trafficked times. I did qualify for my bar tourney, but I'm not sure if I'll be in town next Monday night. Also, I may be sneaking to the Bellagio next weekend. There is a charity tourney this Saturday that I may play in. I haven't been able to play in any of the big charity tourneys. There normally is a payout for the final table, but I need to see if it is feasible for me to make it work.


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