04 December 2005


An incredible event occurred in the last 48 hours (actually two things): I didn't lose my re-buy online bankroll, and I actually am up $95! On the downside, I'd like to say how disappointed I was at the $15/30 table to the lady to my right who capped with AQ to my AK, bet the flop of JTx, then bet when my K hit (at least I only called her down fearing AA, JJ, TT, whatever). Of course, she could have capped it with Q9o, which would have been more typical for me...

After slumming at the $25NLHE tables (just kidding) and winning $9 with quad 3's (my favorite hand), I played $10/20 today. With my new friend AJo, I was able to win a nice pot with a guy who check/called me to the end. Thankfully, my wife came home from running to Kohl's and somewhere else, so I logged off and booked my big win. December online goal is to redeposit $1300 into our account (my withdrawls). I may be sneaking to the Bellagio next weekend, and I'll definitely be able to play in London the weekend of the 17th as I'll be flying over on either the 14th or 15th.

Charity event was cancelled yesterday, with an email from the organizer that all tourneys cancelled pending input from the state Attorney General. Of course, our lovely peach state has a nice lottery but busts underground poker rooms and now is attacking charity tourneys.


Blogger kurokitty said...

Great blog!! I'll have to read more when I'm back from Vegas.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Nice blog, cc! I'll definitely be adding you to my list of links.

3:53 PM  

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